The Houston Neuropathy Support Group

The following links are to websites that have useful information for those with neuropathy.

National Neuropathy Assoc. - Helpful site hosted by Winston Hamby who is one of our members

Neurology Journals from The Lancet
This Specialty Collection contains original research, expert comments, and authoritative reviews clustered by neurology topics.

National Institutes of Health    (Good general site for peripheral neuropathy”)    (Veteran free drug programs) (Shoes for diabetics) (Free prescription medication)

There is an organization for caregivers called the National Caregivers Association. One can contact them at 1-800 896-3650 or contact
Another group is Family Caregiver Alliance at 415-434-3388 or email at

Alternative and Complementary Medicine is a growing area of interest for many people with Peripheral Neuropathy.  One of the National Assoc. members, Samuel Grundfast, DDS., is a prolific writer on the subject and has a wide distribution of his manual among members.  He lists products that can be useful, in some cases, in reducing pain and other symptoms.  Sam encourages eating correctly, exercising, Yoga breathing and taking supplements. He lists topical creams and lotions to relieve pain, how they work and why.  He also writes about toxins and their effect on the body. 
One can contact Sam at

If you are interested in supplements and alternative medications, there are some excellent websites to check out:  (Chinese Medicine practices)  information & sales

www.  info on dietary supplements  supplements and natural medicine National Center complementary & alternative medicine info about drugs, vitamins & mineral supplements

Chronic Pain: Exercise Can Bring Relief:  A recent article from looks at exercise as a weapon in the flight against chronic pain. 


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